The main menu is located in the top center of the application and controls the following functions:


The microphone icon turns the microphone on and off.

Microphone on
Microphone icon blue

The microphone is switched off when entering a conference room in order to avoid unintentional transmission.

Coffee break mode

Use this feature to take a break during a meeting without leaving the conference room.

Coffee break mode active
Coffee cup icon orange

  • Video and audio are disabled during the break.
  • While you are on break you can continue to exchange text messages with other participants.
An active screen share remains visible during coffee break mode.

Screen sharing

With the screen sharing feature, an area of your screen can be captured and shared with other participants of a meeting.

Screen sharing active
Screen sharing icon blue

  • When starting the screen share a blue selection frame will appear.
  • Move the frame to the position of your screen that you want to share.
  • Modify the frame size by dragging the sides and corners of the frame.
  • Click on Start to activate the screen share.
  • Further informationen can be found in the screen share article.
The permission to screen share is assigned by the moderator.