The sidebar is located on the right side of the application. Clicking on a symbol in the sidebar opens it and covers the stage area of the application. A click outside the sidebar closes it automatically.

To permanently open the sidebar, click on the pin icon at the bottom of the sidebar.

Participant list & breakout groups

Participant list
Click the user icon in the sidebar to display the participant list and breakout groups (also referred to as subspaces or subgroups).

Participant list
  • The list of participants shows the main room, the breakout groups and the respective participants.
  • For group work or personal discussions, the participants can independently switch to breakout groups.
  • To switch to a breakout group, click on the respective group and then Join
  • To search for a participant in the list, use the search box at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • You can switch to a more compact representation of the list via the triple dot symbol in the top right of the participant list.

Additional features for the moderator:
Moderators can use additional features in the participant list. More information can be found in the moderator controls article.


Click the chat icon in the sidebar to display the messages.

The messages list
  • Write a message in the input field at the bottom of the sidebar and submit it via the return key (or enter key).
  • New messages are indicated by a number on a red notification badge.
  • Messages are visible to all participants in a conference room, including the breakout groups.
  • Participants re-entering the conference room cannot access the message history.


Click the gear icon in the sidebar to access the settings. More information can be found in the settings article.

Permanently open the sidebar

Pin the sidebar
Click the pin icon in the sidebar to pin the sidebar and keep it permanently open.