The stage is the central element in alfaview and is divided into the video grid and the presentation area.

Video grid

The video grid shows the live videos of all participants in an ongoing session.

  • Each participant video contains the name of the participant.
  • As soon as a participant speaks, a blue frame appears around the video image.
  • Moderators are displayed with a bigger video image on top of the video grid and marked with a star icon.
  • If a participant is on a break, the coffee cup icon is displayed instead of the video.
  • If a participant has no camera attached, a user symbol or the initials of the participant appear instead of the video.
The videos of the participants are sorted by name.

Presentation area

The presentation area is the area of the stage on which the screen sharing is displayed. During an active screen share, the videos of the participants are compacted and moved to the left side of the application.

The stage is the area for your screen sharing presentation.