With the screen sharing feature, an area of your screen can be captured and shared with other participants of a meeting.


The screen share
selection frame
  • Click on the screen icon  in the main menu, to trigger the blue selection frame.
  • Move the selection frame to the position of your screen that you want to share.
  • Modify the frame size by dragging the sides and corners of the frame.

Start & stop

The selection frame
while screen sharing
  • Start the screen share with the start button Start.
  • As soon as the selection frame turns red, the screen share becomes visible to all participants.
  • End the screen share with the screen icon in the main menu or click the close icon  in the selection frame.
Hint: The selection frame can be resized without stopping the screen share.

Pause & resume

The selection frame
of a paused screen share
  • To pause the screen share, click the pause icon  in the selection frame.
  • Once the screen share is paused, the participants will see a still image and the selection frame will turn blue.
  • To resume the screen share, click on the pause icon  again.


To use the annotation feature, click on the pencil icon  in the selection frame.

 The screen share
annotation feature
  • With the mouse button pressed, draw a line within the selection frame. Release the mouse button to stop drawing.
  • You can choose from different colors , which can be selected in the menu bar of the selection frame.
  • To draw attention to your mouse pointer, click the right button of your mouse.
  • Click again on the pencil icon to clear the annotations and exit the feature.
  • When the annotation feature is active, the application under the selection frame can not be accessed.
  • The annotations become visible to all participants instantly.
  • Only the user who started the screen share can annotate.

Multiple screen shares simultaneously

  • If more than one screen share is active, small thumbnails appear at the bottom of the presentation area.
  • To magnify a screen share, click on a thumbnail.
  • The active screen share is indicated by a blue frame around the preview image.
  • The preview images contain the name of the participant who shares the screen.
  • Each participant can individually decide which screen share should be displayed on the stage.