Version 8.11.0 (08.11.2020)

  • We've added a new feature that we call the Toolbox! It's a collection of productivity tools and you can access them via a new button in the secondary menu (3 squares and a circle). For starters, you can manage and share web links on a per-room basis. More tools are already in the making.
  • We've made it possible to access the room details on the mobile versions while you are in a meeting room.
  • We've added a full screen share dialog urging the user to be aware about potentially sharing sensitive data.
  • Improved performance, usability, and stability

Version 8.10.0 (06.10.2020)

  • Moderators can now toggle chat permissions of individual participants in the moderator context menu.
  • We've tweaked the scaling of VIPs in the grid. The new behavior is as follows:
    • small meetings (up to 12 participants): VIPs use up a single grid slot
    • medium-sized meetings (13 - 40 participants): VIPs use up 4 grid slots (2x2)
    • big meetings (41+ participants): VIPs use up 9 grid slots (3x3)
  • [IOS] Users on mobile devices can now double-tap on shared media to toggle between a full-screen and windowed view.

Version 8.9.1 (18.09.2020)

  • Improved performance, usability, and stability

Version 8.8.3 (26.08.2020)

  • alfaview will draw a red outline around the screen you are currently sharing.
  • alfaview will display a warning and a notification sound when spectators are in the room.
  • We added initial support for accessibility with improvements to the screen reader support and the ability to increase the interface font size.
  • the Second camera support is no longer experimental and is now available for all.
  • Improved performance, usability and stability.

Version 8.7.1 (16.07.2020)

  • We have fixed an issue with virtual cameras (like OBS) on macOS.
  • On Linux and iOS, we have reworked our audio code. If you experience any audio issues please contact our support or downgrade to 8.7.0.

Version 8.7.0 (07.07.2020)

  • Improved performance, usability, and stability

Version 8.6.4 (12.06.2020)

  • alfaview's layout has been cleaned-up for very narrow window sizes.
  • We have tweaked the new media share UI: it's sleeker and index numbers on all screens help in selecting the screen you want share.
  • License files were added on all supported platforms.
  • [IOS] You can choose whether your own video appears mirrored for yourself. For others, you will never appear mirrored.

Version 8.5.0 (12.05.2020)

  • Pressing the screen share button will present you with a selection of region share and fullscreen sharing options.
  • Improved performance, usability, and stability

Version 8.4.0 (17.04.2020)

  • Locking your system will now correctly put you into break mode in alfaview on Linux.
  • If you face audio issues during a meeting, you can now try switching to TCP audio in the network settings. This used to be an experimental feature only.
  • Improved performance and stability

Version 8.3.3 (02.04.2020)

  • Linux support (deb package for Ubuntu)
  • Browse all your rooms in the new roomlist panel
  • Easy access to live translation settings
  • Improved performance and stability

Version 8.1 (24.01.2020)

  • Newly developed user interface with focus on usability and accessibility
  • Sign-in and room list are now within the alfaview application
  • Comfortable search for rooms and users
  • Direct access to breakout groups
  • The web-based administration interface was revised
  • Rooms can now be structured in several levels
  • Transcription and translation now available for a fee
  • Improved performance and stability

Version 7.51964 (25.11.2019)

  • Maintenance Release

Version 7.50429 (30.10.2019)

  • Maintenance Release

Version 7.48288 (20.09.2019)

  • We've prepared alfaview for the upcoming macOS 10.15 Catalina release.
  • On rare occasions, toggling the break mode would crash alfaview. This is fixed now.
  • If the current room has spectators mode enabled, the eye icon will always be displayed in the top-right corner. Before, it would only appear if there was at least one spectator present.
  • User interface, performance and stability improvements and bug fixes.

Version 7.46613 (28.08.2019)

  • Maintenance release

Version 7.44828 (26.07.2019)

  • Maintenance release

Version 7.44828 (03.07.2019)

  • Hotfix release

Version 7.43036 (28.06.2019)

  • Introducing notification sounds. As a starter we added a notification sound for incoming chat messages. Note that notification sounds are disabled by default and have to be activated in the Audio section of the Settings dialog.
  • It is now possible to use the¬†same camera for both your face video stream and the second camera video stream. For those who missed the release note on the second camera feature, here is a quick recap:
    There is a new experimental feature: the second camera. With this, you can stream a second camera's video in high resolution instead of your screen share. This is useful when you want to share detailed impressions of objects or documents. You can enable the feature and select the desired quality in the video settings. When enabled, you can select a video source in the settings sidebar and start the second camera with the new button in the top menu. (Announced May 3rd, 2019)
  • The screen sharing annotation feature has been improved.
  • User interface, performance and stability improvements and bug fixes.
  • The required network settings for alfaview have been updated. The address range has been dropped and is no longer necessary. The updated¬†System Requirements & Network Settings can be found in our Support Center.

Version 7.41015 (31.05.2019)

  • Maintenance release