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Quick settings

Open the quick settings in the secondary menu. The quick settings cover the most frequently used settings. More Information can be found in the general settings article.

Setting changes are automatically applied, saved and applied again upon next application launch.

Bandwidth usage

Quick settings - Bandwidth usage

The bandwidth usage selection menu allows you to reduce the resources needed for bandwidth and processor utilization. There are three levels to choose from:

  • Normal: All videos are transmitted in normal quality (default setting).
  • Reduced: Video of normal attendees will be disabled, moderators videos will continue to broadcast. The own video is transmitted in reduced quality.
  • Minimum: All videos are deactivated, including your own video. The screen share and the transmission of audio remain unchanged by this setting.

Speaker volume

Quick settings - Speaker volume

This setting determines the basic volume of the application. It is possible to adjust the value up to 120 percent. This may result in distorted audio output however.

Voice activation level

Quick settings - Voice activation level

The voice activation level controls the microphone sensitivity. This setting determines at which voice volume the microphone is activated.

  • Click the settings item to display the voice activation level slider.
  • Make sure to select the desired microphone.
  • The slider should be adjusted in a way that the blue bar deflects beyond the set value when speaking. When you don’t speak, the blue bar should remain below the set value. The default value is 45.

Speaker, microphone, camera and second camera

Quick settings - Speaker, microphone, camera and second camera

Determine the desired speaker, microphone, camera and second camera in the respective selection menu.

Newly connected devices are listed in the selection menu as soon as they have been detected by the operating system.

Advanced settings

The button opens the advanced settings in a separate window. Further information can be found in the general settings article.