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Screen share

With the screen sharing feature, an area of your screen can be captured and shared with other participants of a meeting.

Screen share context menu

The following screen share options are available:

Region share


The screen share selection frame
  • Click on the screen icon in the main menu to open the context menu.
  • Now click on Region share to trigger the blue selection frame.
  • Move the selection frame to the position of your screen that you want to share.
  • Modify the frame size by dragging the sides and corners of the frame.
  • If you want to cancel the process, click on the close icon in the selection frame.

Start & stop

The selection frame while screen sharing
  • Start the screen share with the button.
  • As soon as the selection frame turns red, the screen share becomes visible to all participants.
  • End the screen share with the screen icon in the main menu.
  • Alternativley click the stop icon in the selection frame in order to end the screen share and keep the selection frame.
The selection frame can be resized or moved to another area without ending the screen share.

Pause & resume

The selection frame of a paused screen share
  • To pause the screen share, click the pause icon in the selection frame.
  • Once the screen share is paused, the participants will see a still image and the selection frame will turn blue.
  • To resume the screen share, click on the resume icon in the selection frame.


The screen share annotation feature
  • To use the annotation feature, click on the annotation icon in the selection frame.
  • With the mouse button pressed, draw a line within the selection frame. Release the mouse button to stop drawing.
  • You can choose from different colors, which can be selected in the title bar of the selection frame.
  • Click again on the annotation icon to clear the annotations and exit the feature.
  • When the annotation feature is active, the application underneath the selection frame can not be accessed.


  • The annotations become visible to all participants instantly.
  • Only the user who started the screen share can annotate.

Share whole screen

  • Click on the screen icon in the main menu to open the context menu.
  • Depending on the number of connected screens, several options are displayed.
  • Then click on the screen you want to share.
  • The screen share will then start.

Screen share off
Grey screen share symbol

Screen share on
Blue screen share symbol

Note: Unlike Region share, the transmission starts immediately after a screen is selected.

Second camera

A second camera can be used instead of the screen as the source of the transmission.

  • Click on the screen icon in the main menu to open the context menu.
  • Clicking on Second camera starts the transmission.

Second camera off
Grey camera Symbol

Second camera on
Blue camera Symbol

  • The source for the secondary camera can be selected in the quick settings.

Multiple screen shares simultaneously

Multiple screen shares simultaneously
  • If more than one screen share is active, small thumbnails appear at the bottom of the presentation area.
  • To magnify a screen share, click on a thumbnail.
  • The active screen share is indicated by a blue frame around the preview image.
  • The preview images contain the name of the participant who shares the screen.
  • Each participant can individually decide which screen share should be displayed on the stage.

Display screen share in a separate window

  • To display an active screen share in a separate window, click on the undock icon in the top right corner of the screen share video.
  • The screen share is now displayed independently of the main window of the alfaview® app and can be placed on an external monitor for example.
  • To display the screen share in the main window again, simply close the undocked window.
  • The last used setting will be reapplied. If the screen share was last used in a separate window, a new screen share will also be displayed in a separate window.
  • To bring the undocked screen share window to the foreground, click on the gather icon in the status menu.

Required permission for screen sharing on macOS

Screen recording settings macOS

For macOS screen recording has to be allowed on the system settings.

To do this, open the system settings and select the item security & privacy. Here you will find the item screen recording in the list on the left.

Click on the checkbox in front of the alfaview® symbol to allow your screen to be recorded.

You have to restart alfaview® for the setting to take effect.

If the checkbox for the screen recording of alfaview® is grayed out, you have to click on the lock. You will be asked to enter your password. Now you should be able to activate the checkbox in front of the alfaview® symbol.