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The Toolbox consists of a list of links that can be used by all participants. Click on the toolbox icon in the alfaview app to open the list of available links.

Using the Toolbox

Click on next to the desired link to open it in your default internet browser.

Manage Toolbox

Managing the Toolbox is only available to participants with the Moderator permission or higher. Otherwise, the button will not be displayed.

Open Tool Manager

  • To manage the Toolbox, click on and then on External Tool.
  • Now the tool manager opens in your standard internet browser.
Toolbox links
  • To create new links, click on .
  • Now enter the required information such as link title, details (optional) and address, whereby the address must be a valid HTTP/S link.
  • By clicking the link is created and can be used by all participants in the conference room.
  • Click the edit button next to the link you want to edit to customise it.
  • You can then edit the information displayed.
  • By clicking on the delete button you can delete the desired link.
  • The deletion must be confirmed with .

Last updated on December 14th, 2023, 09:54 am