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Create poll

Toolbox: Polls


Polls can be created for rooms by room moderators and admins.

A poll includes a question and up to 10 options. Each user in the room can vote for one option. The poll results can be made visible to all users in a room.

Screen with all active polls

Poll state

Each poll has an active state. This defines if the poll can be edited, is visible and if the users can vote. The following states are in order.


After a poll is created, it is in preparing state. The poll is only visible to moderators and admins. The question and the options can be freely edited at this point. Note: this is the last step editing is allowed, once the poll is moves to the next state, editing is impossible.

Options for a poll


The poll is visible for preview. It can be accessed from the tools bar. Voting is not allowed at this point.


The poll is open for voting. It can be accessed from the tools bar and users can vote once for one option.

Poll preview


The poll is closed. Users can no longer vote and it is no longer visible in the room.

Results visible

The poll is visible in the client tools bar, can be opened by users to see the results in the related web page. The poll can be closed again from this state.

Update the poll

In the client

The Polls option can be found in the tool manager menu, available for room moderators and admins. This leads to the related web page for managing polls. Note: this page can not be saved as a bookmark, can not be shared to other users. It will only work if directly opened from the client.

Poll management web page

Preview of the votes
  • Update: Open the update page for this poll.
  • Preview: A preview of what the users would see if they open the poll from the client. This is dependant on the poll state.
  • Duplicate: Creates a new poll with the same question and options as the selected poll. It does NOT contain any votes, it is exactly like creating a new poll.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected poll.
Voting closed

Update poll page

If the poll is in preparing state, it can still be edited. In any other state it can only be moved to the next state or it can be deleted.

Vote result

Last updated on October 18th, 2023, 08:04 am