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Join a conference room

With a user account

Enter conference room
  • To enter a conference room, start the alfaview® app and log in with your user account.
  • In the room list you can see all the rooms accessible to you. Use the search mask to quickly access the desired room.
  • Click on to enter the desired conference room.
After entering a room, the microphone must be activated in the main menu.

As a guest

Join a conference room as a guest
  • Make sure the alfaview® app is installed.
  • Click on the invitation link you received, or copy the full link to the address bar of your web browser.
  • Enter your name if it has not been predefined and confirm the legal notices.
  • Click on to launch the alfaview® app and enter the conference room.
Your internet browser will prompt you to select the application that you want to associate with the join button. Select the alfaview® app and, if necessary, select the option to save this selection.