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Set up Camera and Microphone

Before entering the conference room

Select camera
Set up audio devices

The camera and audio devices can be set up before entering a conference room:

  • If multiple cameras are connected, select the desired camera. The selected camera is identified by a blue border around the video image.
  • To set the microphone and speaker, click .
  • Determine the microphone and loudspeaker in the respective selection menu.
  • The Voice activation level should be adjusted in a way that the blue bar deflects beyond the set value when speaking. When you don’t speak, the blue bar should remain below the set value. The default value is 45.
  • Click Play test sound. Set the Speaker volume so that the test sound can be heard. The default value is 100.

The settings are saved permanently and will be used again the next time you start them.

During a conference

Quick settings

To change the settings for camera and audio devices during a session, proceed as follows:

  • Open the quick settings via the Settings icon in the primary controls.
  • Determine the desired microphone as well as the speaker and the camera in the respective selection menu.
alfaview® follows the principle I see you, you see me.
In practice, this means that the videos of the other conference participants can only be displayed if your own camera is connected.