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Batch Operations

With batch operations it is possible to make changes to several users or rooms simultaneously.

Batch operations are only available for users with the permission Manage company settings.
Batch Operations

To open the batch operations, please proceed as follows:

  • Click on Account Management in the main menu.
  • Then select Batch Operations.
  • In Step 1 a drop-down menu with the possible operations is displayed.

The execution of a batch operation always takes place in three steps:

  • Step 1: Select batch operation
    After selecting the operation from the drop-down menu, the required data fields are displayed.
  • Step 2: Upload source file or enter plain text
    The required data for the operation can be provided either by a file upload or directly as plain text. If the data is provided as plain text, you must additionally click on Process text.
  • Step 3: Mapping data to operation fields
    This step shows all operation fields and their data. Unnecessary fields can be removed here if necessary.
    By clicking on Verify data an overview of the data which is processed with the selected operation is given.
    With Execute operation the process is started.
Caution: Batch operations cannot be undone!

Example: Invite user

Invite users into your company:,first name 1,last name 1,first name 2,last name 2,first name 3,last name 3

Example: Delete user

Delete users from the company:

Example: Assign users to rooms

Assign existing users to rooms:,room 1,Participant,room 1,Admin,room 3,Guest

A user can also be assigned to several rooms:,"room 1,room 2,room 3",Participant

Example: Remove users from rooms

The specified users are removed from all existing rooms:

Example: Invite and assign users

Invite users to your company with the addition of room and role:, first name 1, last name 1, room 1, Participant, first name 2, last name 2, room 1, Spectator, first name 3, last name 3, room 2, Participant

Example: Invite guests

Invite guests to rooms so that they only have access to the specified rooms:, Name 1, Room 1, Participant, True, Name 2, Room 1, Spectator, False, Name 3, Room 2, Participant, True
The last data field can be specified with either True or False. This determines whether an invitation mail is sent.