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Primary and secondary controls

The main menu is located in the middle of the top edge of the application and controls the following functions:


With the microphone symbol the microphone can be switched on and off.

Microphone off
Microphone symbol grey and crossed out.

Microphone on
Microphone symbol blue.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) activated
Microphone symbol orange and crossed out.

The push-to-talk function allows manual activation of the microphone by pressing a key. This is especially useful if you are in a place with lots of background noise. Additional information on the push-to-talk function can be found in the Audio section of the General settings page.

Before entering an alfaview room, you can choose to turn your microphone on or off. On the Set up Camera and Microphone page, you can adjust all the necessary settings before entering an alfaview room.


With the camera symbol the behaviour of the camera can be adjusted.

Camera off
Camera symbol grey and crossed out.

Camera on
Camera symbol blue.

Camera to VIP only on
Camera symbol blue with a star.

When your camera is off, you will not be able to see the videos of the other persons in the meeting.
When camera to VIP only is active, you will only see the videos of VIPs and only VIPs will be able to see your video.

Screen share

With the screen sharing feature, an area of your screen can be captured and shared with other participants of a conference. Computer sound can also be transmitted, but only on Windows 10 or higher. It is possible to share an individual application, a screen region, or the whole screen. This function can also be used to share video from a second camera.

Screen share off
Screen share symbol grey.

Screen share on
Screen share symbol blue.

Screen share with sound on
Blue screen share symbol with speaker icon.

The permission for screen share is given by the moderator.


Use this function to interrupt an ongoing session without leaving the conference room.

Pause-Mode off
Cup symbol grey.

Pause-Mode on
Cup symbol orange.

  • Camera and microphone are disabled in pause mode.
  • Group chat can still be used in pause mode.
  • A running screen share remains visible in pause mode.

Secondary menu

The function menu is located at the top right corner of the application and controls the following functions:

Participant list
Click on the user icon to display the list of participants and subgroups (also known as breakout rooms).
For more information, refer to the Participant List and Subgroups page. Moderator functions are available on the Moderator controls page.

Group chat
To access the group chat, click on the speech bubble symbol. This is where you can read messages from other participants and write your own messages.
For more information, please refer to the Chat messages page.

Live Transcription and translation
To access the live transcription and translation tab, click on the transcription icon. This feature automatically transcribes spoken language into text and displays it as a chat message.  Additionally, the transcription can be translated live within the alfaview room.
For more information, please refer to the Live Transcription and Translation page.

Open the toolbox by clicking on the toolbox icon. Inside the toolbox, you will find various tools such as the whiteboard, poll and vote tool, and the ability to insert web links that all participants can access.
For more information, please refer to the Toolbox page.

Click on the gear wheel icon to open the settings. Here, you can adjust your camera and audio settings, as well as accessibility options.  You can also find information about the latest updates to alfaview.
Please refer to the Settings page for more information.

Room list
When you open the room list, all accessible rooms will be displayed. To enter a room, click on the blue button located next to the room name.

Leave room
Click on the Leave room icon to return to the meeting and room list.

Status menu

The status menu is located at the bottom left of the application and controls the following functions:/

Number of participants
The number of participants in the alfaview room is displayed here. Click on the symbol to view the participant list.

Number of spectators
This section displays the total number of spectators in the alfaview room. To show the spectators in the participant list, click on the icon. This will open the settings where you can tick the option.

Switch to speaker view
The speaker view displays the person speaking at the center of the stage with a large video, while the other participants are arranged in a row at the bottom of the stage with smaller videos.

Switch to gallery view
The gallery view evenly distributes the videos of all participants on the stage, with the size of the video images adjusted based on the number of participants in the alfaview room.

Raise hand
To indicate that you would like to speak, click on the hand symbol. This will notify the moderators in your alfaview room and the symbol will appear next to your name in the list of participants.

Search users and rooms
When clicking on this icon, a search window to search for users and rooms will open.

Sound off and on
Turns the sound of the application on and off.

Screen share undocked
If you want to view the screen share of other participants in a separate window, click on the icon that appears in the status menu. This will display the window with the undocked screen share in the foreground.

Last updated on February 6th, 2024, 03:44 pm