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Accessibility features

With the update to alfaview 9.0, extensive options are available that ensure accessibility.
This article introduces and explains the new accessibility features.
For more information on the full update, see ourĀ release notes.

Keyboard navigation

Extensive provisions for keyboard navigation are now available in alfaview. You can choose between two different navigation options:

Keyboard navigation scheme
  • Tab navigation
    This navigation allows you to access all controls using the Tab key.
  • Tab-arrow navigation
    In this navigation, you use the Tab key to move from one group to another (e.g. secondary menu) and the Arrow keys to move through the elements (e.g. camera or microphone buttons in the secondary menu).
Interface font size

Interface font size

This setting allows you to change the font size in the alfaview app. You can choose from Standard, 120%, 135% and 150%.

Chat font size

This setting allows you to change the font size in the alfaview app. You can choose from Automatic, 120%, 150% and 200%.

Chat font size

Screen Reader

To improve accessibility, the 9.0 update integrated comprehensive support for screen reader applications into our desktop and mobile apps. If you rely on screen readers, alfaview makes it easy for you to schedule, attend meetings, and receive voice notifications about events during the meeting.

Screen reader support includes the following features:

  • Dynamic Feedback:
    The screen reader will provide real-time feedback, ensuring that users are continuously updated with events in the application.
  • Indication of Participant Activity:
    Users will receive notifications when a participant has entered or left the room.
  • Private Messages Accessibility:
    alfaview will read out the content of private messages, ensuring that visually impaired users can access and respond to personal communications.
  • Active Speaker Identification:
    The screen reader will identify and read out the name of the current active speaker, helping attendees to follow along and understand who is speaking at any given moment.
  • Group Message Announcement:
    alfaview will read out the content of group messages. This ensures that all participants, regardless of their visual abilities, are kept in the loop about group communications.
  • Continuous Transcription Reading:
    For meetings with transcription services enabled, the screen reader will continuously read out the content of transcriptions. This feature provides an additional layer of support for those who rely on auditory information.
  • Quick Navigation:
    Intuitive keyboard shortcuts and voice commands make it easy for users to navigate the application, start or join meetings, and access various features.
  • Compatibility:
    The screen reader support is compatible with popular screen reading software like JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, TalkBack and more.

Improved contrast and universal design

Improved contrast interface

Key optimizations have been made to the different display theme variants and a high-contrast design has been introduced to enhance text readability.
The font size scaling has also been adjusted, so you can resize the text according to your preference.
Individual elements are clearly delimited to simplify selection with the mouse and/or keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts

User-friendly keyboard shortcuts have been integrated to speed up your interactions with alfaview.
These shortcuts improve navigation and give quick access to controls.
Comprehensive documentation is available right in the alfaview desktop application and in our article for Shortcuts.

Welcome screen

A new welcome screen has been designed to make onboarding easier for new users.
New users can familiarize themselves with alfaview and configure accessibility settings before entering an alfaview room.

Last updated on June 12th, 2024, 07:48 am