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Command line options

--allowmultipleThis command allows you to run multiple alfaview instances simultaneously on Windows and Linux operating systems.
Note: This command does not work if you join an alfaview room using an invitation link.
--urlThis command is automatically set for invitation links. It opens the alfaview room for which the join permission has been granted.
For an example usage, please refer to page Generate join url from group link.
--noupdateThis command prevents alfaview from automatically checking for new updates.
Note: Update alfaview regularly. Older alfaview versions are gradually excluded from usage.
--autoacceptwelcomeThis command prevents the accessibility settings, general settings as well as audio and video settings from being set up before joining an alfaview room for the first time.
Changes to these settings can be made in the app or via the webclient later on.
--verboseThis command activates the extended debug logging (more details).
--nocolorThis command deactivates the coloring in the command center terminal.
--skipquicksetupThis command deactivates the Quick settings before a user joins an alfaview room. Instead, the user will directly join the alfaview room, where they can adjust the settings.
--skipportcheckThis command prevents alfaview from checking ports and determing whether a connection can be established. alfaview is launched directly.
We do not recommend this command if it is not absolutely necessary.
--disableleaveroomThis command prevents users from leaving the alfaview room and returning to the login page or the room and meeting list. The Leave room icon is not displayed to users in the alfaview room.
--bypasssettingsThis command prevents the saved settings from being applied. Instead, alfaview opens with the default settings.
Any settings made during this session are not saved.
--loglevelThis command can be used to output log entries by level.
Valid values are: debug / info / warning / error / critical.
The command value --loglevel=debug corresponds to the command --verbose.
Note: You will receive all log entries of the level info (default) until the level you set is set by the alfaview application.
--versionThis command displays the alfaview version currently in use.
--helpThis command displays all available help information.

Last updated on May 15th, 2024, 01:53 pm