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Guest and group links

With guest and group links, participants can be invited to a conference without the need to log in with email and password. Invited participants will receive an email with a link and further instructions on how to join the conference.

Guest Links

A guest link always refers to a single participant. This is specified with name and e-mail.

Guest links can be created in the Room management. To create a guest link, please do the following:

  • Click .
  • Then enter the email address and name of the guest. Additionally, define a user role and set the user’s language.
  • By clicking a guest link will be sent to the user via email.
    If you don’t want an email to be sent, uncheck Send email invitation and share the link with the user in another way.
  • Optionally, guests can also be invited using a CSV file.

After the guest link is created, there are additional settings.

Group links

A group link can be used by multiple participants at the same time. When entering the room, the participant will be asked to enter his name.

Group links can be created in the Room management. To create a group link, please proceed as follows:

  • Enter the name of the guest link in the Description input field. This will be displayed to the participants when they use the group link.
  • Select the user role for the participants from the drop-down menu.
  • Click to create the group link.
  • Now you can copy the group link and send it to your participants.

After creating the group link, it will be displayed in the list and can be customized with additional settings.

Additional settings

Guest Link Status
Indicates whether the guest/group link is active (blue) or inactive (gray).

Set date
Allows you to set a date when the guest/group link is active. Start and end dates can be set. If no date is set, the link will be active permanently. It is also possible to expire an existing group link here.

Copy link
Copies the link to the clipboard to be able to send it via other communication channels.

Context Menu
For guest links, provides the ability to resend the invitation email and delete the guest link. Group links can be renamed and deleted.

The drop-down menu provides the ability to customize the user role. The changes will be active immediately. If No access is selected, the participant will be removed from the room immediately.

If the quota for participants in a room is reached, each additional participant is automatically downgraded to a spectator until the maximum room capacity is reached.