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Room Management: Edit room

Depending on the permissions, you can edit a room. Click on the settings symbol of a room in the room management to edit it.

The feature is divided into the following sections (tabs):



Here you can change the room name and the amount of breakout groups in steps of five. Additionally you can delete the room.



Here you can copy the direct link to a room.
This direct link can be used by authorized and registered users to get directly into the room.
It is no longer necessary to switch to the respective room manually.
This feature only works with alfaview® version 8.38.0 or later.

The direct links can only be used by users who are listed as active users in the user management.

Furthermore the default permission group can be chosen and existing users can be added to the room.

With the default permission group you can set the access and the permission group for all users of the room.
If no default permission group is set, you have to set access and permission group individually for each user.

To do that follow these steps:

  • Click .
  • Search and select a user via the search form.
  • Choose permission group and click .

The user is now listed under Specific users.

The user permissions override the default permissions. A typical application is to set the default permission “Participant” and define individual users as “Moderator” or “Admin”.

Information about guest and group links can be found here.

Group names

Group names

The breakout room names can be changed by administrators under the group names item:

  • Click on the group whose name you want to change.
  • Enter the desired name.
  • Then click on .
  • For the changes to take effect, alfaview® must be restarted.