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Create customer account

Create customer account

In order to be able to use alfaview to its full potential, register your customer account at You can create additional users and invite guests within your customer account.

  • Enter your email address to register and follow the instructions in the confirmation email.
  • You can choose a paid plan with additional features or continue with the free version.
  • The selected plan can be changed at any time.

Create users

Create users

Additional users are created within your customer account via the administration interface. Further information can be found under Administration.

  • The invited user receives a confirmation email and needs to choose a password to complete the user profile.
  • Each user can be configured with individual permissions and access to conference rooms.

Invite guests

Information about inviting guests can be found here.

Login as a user

Login in the alfaview app

The users within the customer account can log in to the alfaview app and enter a conference room.

  • Enter your credentials when you first start the alfaview app. The registration is saved permanently and is only required if you explicitly log out.
  • The user profile can be updated via the administration interface at

Registration as a guest

Login as a guest

Guests are led directly into the conference room via the guest link.

  • Paste the guest link into the address bar of your browser and follow the instructions.

Last updated on December 1st, 2023, 07:39 am