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Room features

Room features

The room features offer the possibility to make settings for a room.

Open the menu item Room management in the administration interface. Click on the gear wheel  button of the room whose features you want to set and then select the tab Features.

The following features can be set:

Use 16:9 video aspect ratio for participant videos
The room will use the wider 16:9 aspect ratio for participant videos.

Center participant videos on the stage
This allows for a more balanced appearance, but increases movement in the video grid.

Display participant videos in alphabetical order
This overrides the default order-by-join-time behavior.

Disable “Camera off” function
Prevents the camera from being turned off.

Copy attendance report to clipboard
This setting allows moderators to copy the contents of the participant list to the clipboard.

Allow attendees to raise their hand
This setting allows participants and spectators to raise their hand to indicate that they want to say something. For more information, refer to page Attendance list and attendance report.

Show raised hands only to moderators
If this setting is activated only moderators can see who is currently raising a hand.

Participants can only share content to moderators
If this setting is activated only moderators can see active screen shares.

Hide browser access
This setting prevents the button to join via browser from being displayed on the guest join page.

Disable floating mini window
This setting prevents the displaying of the mini window when the alfaview window is minimized.

Disable join and leave notifications
This setting disables notifications when users join or leave the room.

Waiting room
Activate the Waiting room feature in your room to selectively bring people into your meeting.
For more information, please refer to page Waiting room.

Last updated on April 23rd, 2024, 09:46 am