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Administration interface

The web based administration interface allows you to adapt alfaview to your structures. You can manage rooms, users and guests. To access the administration interface, you must log in to the alfaview website. The login […]

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Personal profile and secruity

The profile offers the possibility to view personal data and permissions. You can also change your password and manage the two-factor authentication. Log in to your alfaview account on the administration page. Click on Profile in the […]

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Two-factor authentication

With two-factor authentication, you can enhance the security of your account even further.When this option is enabled, an authentication code generated by an authentication app or software will be required for every login. Please note […]

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Room permissions

The following permission groups can be assigned to users and guests of an alfaview® room: Admin Moderator Participant Guest Spectator No access* Edit room Join room Send audio & video Receive audio & video Moderator […]

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User permissions

The following permissions are available depending on your plan. Permission Descritpion Show all user names Permission to display user names, e.g. current user display in the room list Administrate users Contains the permission to invite […]

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Delete company

To delete your company please login to the administration interface. Click on account management in the menu on the left.You can delete your company by clicking Delete Company.Confirm the dialog by clicking Delete Company again to delete your […]

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