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Administration interface

The web based administration interface allows you to adapt alfaview® to your structures. You can manage rooms, users and guests • To access the administration interface, you must log in to the …

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Personal profile

The profile offers the possibility to view personal settings and permissions • In addition to the personal data, the language can also be adjusted. This influences the display language of the …

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Room permissions

The following permission groups can be assigned to users and guests of an alfaview® room • This permission group is designed to deny room access for specific users.

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User permissions

The following permissions are available depending on your plan.

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Batch Operations

With batch operations it is possible to make changes to several users or rooms simultaneously • Manage company settings • To open the batch operations, please proceed as follows • …

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Delete company

To delete your company please login to the administration interface • Click on account management in the menu on the left. You can delete your company by clicking Delete Company . Confirm the …

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