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Create a new meeting

You can create temporary meetings with their own title and agenda in alfaview. The meetings are automatically deleted again after they have been held and are then no longer accessible.

When you create a new meeting, the role of the moderator will automatically be assigned to you.

Creating a meeting

Calendar and list of all meetings
  • Log in to the administration page of your alfaview account.
  • Click on Meetings in the menu on the left of the administration management interface.
  • You can see meetings that have already been created in the calendar and in the list below.
  • Click on the blue  button above the calendar to create a new meeting.

You can now specify your meeting setups accordingly.

  • Enter the title and agenda of your meeting in the input fields.
  • You can adjust the following settings in the General tab:
  • Starts: Click on the gray  button to set the date and time of the meeting. If you do not change the default settings, the meeting will start immediately after being created.

If you do not change the starting time and date, the meeting will start immediately after being created. This also means that you won’t be able to make any changes after creating the meeting.

General settings of the meeting
  • Time zone: Select the time zone in which the meeting will take place.
  • Duration: Determine how long the meeting will last.
  • Groups: The number of the groups indicates how many subgroups are within your meeting. Click on the drop-down menu to select one or more subgroups.
  • Early access: You can allow participants to enter your room before the meeting starts.
  • Waiting room: You can activate or deactivate the meeting’s waiting room. If you activate the waiting room, participants won’t be able to enter your meeting until you or other the moderators give them permission.
Invite participants

You can invite people to your meeting in the Invitees tab. You can either invite them manually by entering the email address, name and role or you upload a CSV file. A CSV file is more convenient if you invite a lot of participants.

The CSV file should be in UTF-8 format. Separate the email address, the name and the role (not mandatory) using a comma or semicolon. In each line, there should only be the information of one participant. This will help transferring the information correctly into the invitation mask.

Group links for the meeting after the creation
  • Click on the blue  button.
  • After creating the meeting, you can copy group links with the different roles and send them to the participants via your preferred communication medium.

Your meeting will only show up in your own meeting list. All other participants need the invitation link to join a meeting. The participants aren’t visible to other registered users and also can’t be found using the search option.

Last updated on April 15th, 2024, 12:45 pm