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Room structure and departments

The room structure can be adjusted to improve the overview of the rooms or to adapt the structure to personal preferences.

Adjust room structure

Arrange rooms

To adjust the arrangement of the rooms, first click on:

  • Room Administration in the main menu.
  • Now click on .
  • You can arrange rooms by Drag & Drop.
  • Finally, you must confirm the changes by clicking on .

Create departments

Create Department

In addition to arranging the rooms, departments can be created to group rooms. Proceed as follows:

  • Click on Room Administration in the main menu.
  • Then click on .
  • Now it is possible to create new departments by clicking on next to your account name.
  • Enter the name of the new department and click on .

By clicking on , departments can be deleted, as long as they do not contain any rooms.

Rooms can be added to departments by Drag & Drop.