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Moderator controls

Overview of the moderator functions

Moderators have additional features that are useful for controlling a meeting. These functions can be accessed via the participant list in the sidebar.

When clicking on a participant, a context menu appears which allows you to control the permissions of participants.

The features in detail

Write short message
Write and send a short message to a participant.

Lower hand
Lower the raised hand of a participant.

Allow microphone
Activate or deactivate the microphone of a participant.

Allow camera
Activate or deactivate a participant’s camera.

Allow screen sharing
Activate or deactivate screen sharing for a participant.

Allow chat
Grant or deny permission to a participant to send messages in the chat.

Mark as VIP
Highlight a participant. The video will be larger and displayed in the order before the videos of the other participants.

Mute for me
Mute a participant for the user himself.

Remove from this room
Remove a participant completely from the room for 12 hours.

The waiting room

Additionally a moderator can activate the waiting room.
More information on the waiting room can be found here.

Assign a moderator

The moderator is defined in the room settings. More information can be found in the edit room article.

Note: A moderator is not necessarily required to conduct a meeting.

Last updated on December 1st, 2023, 08:08 am