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Notes on installing the Outlook add-in

The alfaview Outlook add-in is available for the following apps:

  • Outlook 2016 on Mac and Windows
  • Outlook 2019 on Mac and Windows
  • Outlook 2021 on Mac and Windows
  • Outlook on Mac and Windows (Microsoft 365)
  • Outlook on the web

In order to use the alfaview Outlook add-in with an Exchange on-premise solution, Exchange Server 2016 or later is required. Older versions are not supported.

At the moment the Outlook add-in is not yet compatible with the mobile platforms (iOS/Android).

We provide an alfaview add-in for Microsoft Outlook 365. The add-in allows you to create alfaview meetings directly in your Microsoft Outlook 365 calendar and to send the meeting link to your participants.
More information on the alfaview meeting function can be found here: Meetings.

Installation via Microsoft AppSource

The alfaview Outlook add-in is available in Microsoft AppSource here:

Manual installation using the XML manifest file

To install the alfaview add-in manually you need the XML manifest file.
The instructions below will guide you through the installation process.

  • Log into the alfaview administration interface .
  • Select the point Company from the menu.
  • Select the add-ins tab.
  • Click on the  button to download it.

As an Outlook 365 user

Please note that the installation of add-ins must be approved by your administrator.
You can find more information on installing Outlook add-ins in the Microsoft Supportcenter.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 365.
  • Click on Get add-ins.
  • Select my add-ins in the menu.
  • Scroll down to the Custom add-ins area.
  • Click on add a custom add-in.
  • Click on add from file.
  • Select the previously downloaded xml file.
  • Confirm the privacy warning by clicking on install.
  • The add-in is now installed and can be managed under the my add-ins tab.

As an Outlook 365 administrator

As an administrator of Microsoft Office 365, you can roll out the alfaview add-in for your users.
More information on deploying Outlook add-ins can be found in the Microsoft Supportcenter.

  • Open the Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center.
  • Go to settings.
  • Choose integrated apps from the menu.
  • Click on deploy add-in.
  • Choose the app-type Office-Add-In in the dropdown menu.
  • Choose Deploy Manifest file (.xml).
  • Click on add from file.
  • Choose the previously downloaded xml file and click on next.
  • Assign the desired users or groups and click on next.
  • Accept the permissions requirements and click on next.
  • Review the details and click on Finish Deployment.
  • The add-in is now available to your users.

Additional firewall and proxy configuration

When using a proxy or firewall, you may need to enable or configurate certain Microsoft endpoints.

For more information, please refer to the web page Microsoft 365 URLs and IP address ranges.

Last updated on April 19th, 2024, 10:47 am