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Waiting room

  • The waiting room option requires alfaview version 8.68 or higher. It is deactivated by default.
  • Participants within the waiting room can not see each other and are not able to communicate with each other.
  • Moderators can send chat messages to each participant in the waiting room and they can reply.
Participant inside the waiting room

Initially all participants enter the waiting room if it is enabled. Administrators and moderators skip the waiting room and enter their desired conference room immediately.
Each participant receives a message that they are in the waiting room and that a moderator must grant their access to the conference room.

Enabling the waiting room

To open the waiting room for an alfaview room, a room administrator must activate the function in the room features.

Activate the waiting room in the Room features
  • Log in to your alfaview account on the administration page.
  • Click on Room management in the menu bar on the left.
  • From the list of all accessible rooms, select the alfaview room for which you want to create a guest link.
  • Click on the grey gear wheel button .
  • Click on the Features tab.
  • Activate the waiting room by clicking on the slider next to Waiting room.

Opening the waiting room

Once the function has been enabled in the room features, moderators and administrators can open the waiting room in the alfaview room.

Open the waiting room
  • Click on the user icon in the secondary menu to open the participant list.
  • Click on the Waiting room tab.
  • Click the blue button.
  • You can close the waiting room by clicking the red button.

Moderators will be informed by an acoustic signal and a visual notification that there are participants waiting to be admitted. Additionally there will be a red notification under the user icon in the secondary menu.

Admit waiting participants

Granting access to participants
  • Click on the user icon in the secondary menu to open the participant list.
  • Click on the Waiting room tab to view all participants who are waiting.
  • Select the participant you want to admit to your alfaview room.
  • Click the button.
  • To admit all waiting participants simultaneously, click the button.

You can modify the order of waiting participants or select multiple participants at once.

  • Click the gear wheel icon located in the top right-hand corner of the Waiting room tab.
  • Choose between Sort by arrival time and Sort by name.
  • If you check the box next to Select multiple participants, you can admit multiple participants to your alfaview room simultaneously.

Select multiple participants

Granting access to selected participants
  • Tick the boxes next to the names of the people you wish to admit to your room.
  • To select all participants, tick the Select all box.
  • Once you have selected all the participants you wish to admit to your room, click the blue button.
  • You can also admit participants separately in this view. To do so, click the button next to the person’s name.

Admitted participants always join the main room even if the moderator is in a breakout group. If the waiting room gets disabled, waiting participants will not automatically be admitted to the main conference room.

Last updated on February 27th, 2024, 12:38 pm